Thursday, November 13, 2014

We moved!

Wee Paws Pet Care now serves the Greater Niagara area.  From Niagara Falls, Fort Erie, St. Catharines, Thorold, Welland and beyond.

If you need a reliable and fun pet sitter for your tiny pup, give us a call.

WEE LOVE NIAGARA - and so does little Pavlove!!


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Winter Blues

With small dogs, winter time has its challenges.
Snow on the Chin - Love in the Heart

Since Pavlove is very shy around cold weather, we have been stuck inside most of this year.

No matter how many layers I wrap him in, it's still too cold - and a fur ball he will curl into.  Frankly, I can't even keep warm out there! (Feels like 30 below today - :-S)

To help my littlest best friend out in these 'cabin fever' times, I have to really engaged his playful indoor self.  It is really easy when there are a few 'Wee Paws' to play with but when it is just the two of us; playing catch can get old very quickly.

I keep reminding myself how much he needs his exercise; I started to invent different ways to make the puppy play time more humanly interesting.  That being said, I myself need to move around in the winter too - since the winter hit, I haven't been walking very much.  Consequently, I combine my own yoga and exercise routines and Pavlove's play time together. *Viola* Happy Paws All Around!!

Pavlove the Pekingese Yorkie cross is now so accustom to this routine that ANY time I pull out the Yoga Mat and weights to workout, he brings his Squeaky Moose Toy and Fuzzy Tennis Ball to the party.

It is great to see him happily playing indoors.  And I feel great when I get moving too!  The bonus part, he makes me belly laugh ALL the time with his silly moves and clumsy nature.

I am one lucky to work from home, allowing me the freedom to play with my little dog at any time.

If you have a Wee Paw that stays at home alone in the Winter months, you can always give us a call - we'd love to play with your little furry friend and keep them happy when you or your family can't.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Green Juice for Small Dogs

Yesterday I made some delicious celery/cucumber/fennel green juice.

I looked at Pavlove and wondered - would he like a few licks?

I poured the juice into a small bowl and he took several slurps.  After his chin hair was covered in green mess, he was finished.

I am always trying to squeeze in a variety of basic vitamins/minerals any way possible.  He is such a stubborn eater, I was totally shocked that he even tried the Green Juice Elixir.

I believe that it is important to give your dog whole foods; just like it is important for us to eat whole foods.  Processed/packaged goods are NOT whole foods.

If you are curious whether your furry friend likes green juice, give it a squeeze.  Bonus: The leftovers are all for you!


Another neat find - for a quick chew treat, Pavlove tried a small piece of 'Raw Sweet Potato Skin'.  It is hard enough for him to enjoy chewing, and has a few extra 'good things' in it too.  I recommend using this treat outdoors, to prevent indoor mess.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Too Cold for Small Dogs

It was so cold out today that little Pavlove didn't want to go out and play. He just stood still - looking out the front door, then looked up at me.

I pictured him saying, "Yeah right!"

We haven't found a winter jacket that works well for him. If he doesn't like wearing something, he will just stay still (won't move a whisker) until it is removed from his body. He also hates when we put on his snow boots, as stated in my previous post. But he could get frostbite in an instant with weather like this!

All the snow jackets at the pet stores in Hamilton are too big for him. I would prefer to purchase a doggy jacket that has the booties already attached so they don't keep falling off in the snow.

If I don't find one soon, I'm going to have to make one from scratch. All in all, making doggy clothes myself sounds pretty fun!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Freezing & Furry

Here is an old video (created under year ago) when Pavlove was under 5lbs and almost a year old.

This was his first snow experience.  I don't think he really enjoys the snow, and not just because it is cold.  Mainly, he doesn't like winter because it covers up all his favorite sniffing spots.  Not to mention, I imagine that it is mighty  hard to 'number two' when you are shorter than the foot of snow that surrounds.



This was a test video - I wanted to see what the Youtube Video editor could do.  I also used music that was available through the Online Youtube Video Editor software.  If you haven't tried it, I certainly recommend it.  Very easy to use, and as you can see, great quality.

With the heart of a dog,

- K

Music:  Heart of a Dog by the band Animalcule

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dry Skin Cures for Sensitive Dog Breeds

Happy New Years Eve!

It is mighty blustery over here in Hamilton, Ontario.  Poor Pavlove LOVEs to play outside and yet he doesn't like wearing his snow boots but he can't stand the snow between his toes.  What a little dog dilemma!?

Another Little Dog Dilemma that I have encountered - Dry Scaly Skin!

Pavlove is cross Pekingese and Yorkie.  Super smart and a very picky eater which has made a natural skin care solution nearly impossible.

I stopped washing him all together.  I used to bath him every 6-12 weeks. I personally practice the 'no shampoo' method, and seeing my own results with hair growth and dry skin improvement, I thought I'd give this a go.  I saw slight improvement during the summer. Once it started to cool in September, his skin was pretty flaky, but as soon as we turned on the heat - it was as if he was trying  to scratch his fur coat right off!

It is a mighty alarming scene to see your furry friend in such 'itchy' distress. I had to find a solution fast!

I have tried adding flax seeds/oil to his food. His noes turned up and away after two meals. I switched to the the Omega 3-6-9 blend - not even a bite.  Smells fishy his puppy eyes proclaim.

I bought Olive Oil and rubbed it into his skin - he was absolutely disgusted by my actions, and looked really funny with his fluffy fur all slik.  He could have joined the Grease Lightning crew.  Although the oil on the skin method did help - it only lasted for a few days.

At the same time as Pavloves issues, I was trying to find solutions to my own dry skin - especially on my face.  I do not use any cosmetic creams/lotions at all - and Coconut Oil seemed like a good bet.

I started to use it in my own cooking, and brushing my own teeth.  And of course, started to mix it into Pavlove's food.


In two days his skin was cured.

It has now been 3 months, heat on high, and our hair, skin and teeth are super smooth and shiny.

If you haven't tried it yet - buy some Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil.

Solution to Dry Skin for Dogs AND Humans.

Happy New Year,

- Kaeli & Pavlove

Monday, December 30, 2013

Welcome to Wee Paws


Take a stroll around our little website playground.

You can view our services and prices here, and when you are ready to book be sure to check out our calendar for availability - just click here.

Once you know which Wee Pet Service your little furry friend deserves, and the date/time you would like to book, contact us by phone or email to reserve your Wee Paws a play spot.

We accept payment via Cash, Credit or Online Debit.

Thanks and have a fur-tastic kind of day,

- Kay
Owner Operator of Wee Paws
34 Holmes Avenue
Hamilton, Ontario Canada